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A Gift that Outlast the Rest

Tonight we were driving down the street and Charity, my middle daughter, was in the midst of telling me a story about something that happened in the Trainer's Room today after track practice when "Jesus We Love You" by Isabel Davis came on. She immediately stopped, said "this is my song," and turned it on full blast. The next song came on and she kept singing. And then the next song continued the pattern.

I thought to myself, parenting is a journey full of mistakes, misfortunes, and moments where we wish we got a do-over. And although I've experienced all of those, I am thankful that through all of that my girls learned the power of worship, prayer, and serving. They are a glaring reminder to me, especially at this time of year, that parenting is not solely about what we

can give them monetarily, although that has its place. As Christian parents, it is most incumbent on us to give them a language to communicate with God that is louder than everything else that is screaming at them in society.

In two days, and truthfully some of it has already started, the season of "parent guilt" for some us will become very loud. You might wish you can do this or do that. You might be tempted to take out loans or max out credit cards to buy gifts you cannot afford. For some, it won't be that extreme. For some, you will wait in a line for a holiday food box or Christmas donation. Before you get too down...let me encourage you. I've been there. More than one year. And more than two. While it is painful now, remember that every gift you give them they will outgrow, except for the gift that speaks to their spirit.

I'm not saying parents should not want to give their children presents at this time of year. You should! That has its place. However, before the parent guilt starts I want you to know that whether you give them one present, five, or fifteen, the things that they will remember the most have no monetary value. They cannot be bought or sold. They can only be taught and shared.

This Thanksgiving. This Christmas. This holiday season. If you can't give your kids anything else, please make sure to give them Jesus. He will outlast everything else.

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