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DIY for Next Gen Ministry

The DIY Next Gen Set-Up Manual is a step-by-step guide of things a church should consider and implement when establishing a children's and/or student ministry.  The tested policies, practices, timelines, ideas, and forms of Paula and her team are included in this Word document and available for easy contextualization in your environment.  The DIY Kit comes with 90 minutes of FREE coaching time.

 Workshops and


We appreciate large children & youth conferences that provide a vast array of workshops, speakers, and lots of bells & whistles, but taking your whole next gen team to these experiences can be costly.  Paula works with churches and sets up workshops or entire conference weekends to meet the specific development needs of your team.  Your workshop will be targeted for your church with excellent tools and practical hands-on training in an intimate setting so your team will get the maximum value for their time.  

Next Gen Coaching

You know what you'd like to see but need some guidance and assistance meeting the goal.  Paula has coaching packages ranging from 30 days to a full year to help transition our team to the next level of ministry.  We will work together to organize and grow your team through observations, assessments, a coordinated plan, and then guided implementation.

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