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In a world that is characterized by division

In a country with a history of hatred and greed

Women have a part to play in healing what we inherited.

Our story does not begin at 1619

But 1619 further contaminated the story.

We were created to live above racism

To create opportunities for healing

And build communities of shalom

That starts by listening to the voices

that history has silenced.

So we are amplifying the voices of

Black Women

because there is something

we want you all to know

Not just knowing for knowing sake

But so that you can take these topics

and master four critical skills

to heal the brokenness

So Dear Sister, Come LIS'N!

Here are some things Black women want you to know


We love our families

(our men and children)

as much as you do.

We do not see you as enemies but we would appreciate you being an ally.

Recognize there are cultural differences and simply asking me to assimilate into your culture is not enough to make me feel accepted.

Racism is still very much alive!

Learn the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation

If you have never done the work to gain my trust, I refuse to trust your judgment!

There is not a single day that goes by I’m not forced to think about being a black woman in America. I do not have the option of “colorblindness” is still very much alive!

Microaggressions are like tiny paper cuts. They sting. And after awhile, they add up.

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