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Ministry Coaching

Purpose Over Rules offers three packages to help coach and cultivate your next gen ministries.  Each package is designed to be a starting point to help design a coaching plan that fits the particular needs of your congregation.  Each package has an ideal time limit and task limit with a price that reflects these parameters.  The ten services offered are also defined below. 

Bronze Coaching Package

Includes THREE Coaching Services

Three Months of Coaching

Silver Coaching Package

Includes SIX Coaching Services

Six Months of Coaching

Gold Coaching Package

Includes ALL Coaching Services

Twelve Months of Coaching

Coaching Services Include

Implement New Curriculum

Implement Safe Kids Protection Program

Next Gen Development Workshops

Implement New Worship Format

Multi-Campus Reorganization


Annual/Strategic Planning

Events & Programming Planning and Training

Ministry Branding & Alignment

Implement Children/Youth Discipleship Classes

Church & Ministry Assessment


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